Stoppini Agency - Assisi

The Stoppini Agency - Assisi (previously Stoppini Tourist & Travel Office), was established in 1921. At this time, the number of travel agencies in Italy could have been counted on one hand, and they were trying to manage in an industry which was coming out of a difficult post-war period; tourism of few options, few hotels, and only essential services. 

Noisy buses struggled up the dusty road to the Basilica of St. Francis, and the pilgrims, amazed and curious, looked around at the place where the Poverello lived and worked.

These buses already carried our name, and those groups which travelled with us in Italy and Europe, were guided and assisted with dedication and competence. Since then, the tourism industry has completely changed, and our agency has changed in step with it. The only things which have not changed, and will never change for us, are the dedication, helpfulness and competence which are essential elements for our sector. 

Our objective has always been, and will always be, to work on behalf of the client, to help them with their choices, giving independent advice, so that the most important trip, as with the simplest ticket, is always for the benefit of the client and their satisfaction.