Assisi, universally known as the birthplace of St. Francis and St. Claire, has always welcomed, with open arms, tourists from every part of the world, curious to know a place that inspires peace, calm and meditation. Poets and artists have celebrated and exalted the works and the life of the Poverello, a great example of church mediation, with a real message of humility and brotherhood. Assisi, nevertheless, is also important as a Roman and medieval town, strategically placed on the slopes of the Subasio Mountain, dominating a large valley of incomparable beauty.

Our job, and the strength of our Travel Agency has been, and is, to add value to all of this, to understand diverse tourists, either individuals or groups, putting in place the most suitable structures, to fit the requirements.

The Fontemaggio Tourist Complex, which we own, is the most evident example of our ability to answer, in a flexible and modern way, the demands of a tourist looking for comfort and calm; today’s conditions which cannot be ignored.

Completing the offer are two other structures of ours:

Our staff, thanks to great, mature experience, will individualise for you the hotel, the restaurant, the agriturismo or the most suitable apartment and our regional and multilingual guides (with whom we have preferential agreements). They will accompany you on the visits to the most evocative places of our region. Through our organisation you can create itineraries and themed visits, in accordance with your demands of time and budget.